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92: Aretha Franklin in “Amazing Grace,” Lost and Found
In 1972, Aretha Franklin recorded her biggest selling album “Amazing Grace” as a live gospel performance over two nights at[...]
91: Mr. Rogers, Quincy Jones, Jane Fonda & Pope Francis Walk Into a Bar
The art of portrait documentaries is discussed with five filmmakers: Wim Wenders (“Pope Francis: A Man of His Word”), Rashida[...]
90: Michael Moore, Julie Cohen, Annie Sundberg & Stephen Maing on “Getting Political”
Filmmakers Michael Moore (Fahrenheit 11/9), Julie Cohen (RBG), Annie Sundberg (Reversing Roe) and Stephen Maing (Crime + Punishment) sat down[...]
89: Opal H. Bennett on Short Documentaries
Short documentaries are thriving on platforms like Netflix, HBO and New York Times Op-Docs. This year, the DOC NYC festival[...]
88: DOC NYC Preview 2018
Wim Wenders, Rashida Jones, and Michael Moore are among the hundreds of documentary filmmakers coming to New York City for[...]
87: Sandi Tan on “Shirkers”
Winner of the 2018 Sundance Directing Award for World Documentary, Sandi Tan makes her debut with “Shirkers,” now on Netflix.[...]
86: Alex Gibney & Trevor Birney, Wanted in Belfast
Alex Gibney’s “No Stone Unturned” uses leaked police documents to investigate an unsolved mass murder in Northern Ireland. Now the[...]
85: Maxim Pozdorovkin on Trump, Putin & Pussy Riot
During the 2016 US election, Russia Today offered a steady stream of English-language reports that disseminated to American audiences via[...]
84: Matt Tyrnauer on “Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood”
Gore Vidal played a key role behind the scenes in helping Scotty Bowers tell his secret history of Hollywood. Starting[...]
83: Jason Kohn on “Love Means Zero”
Andre Agassi, Boris Becker, Jim Courier and Kathleen Horvath are only a few of the champions who came out of[...]
82: Kevin MacDonald on Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston had an angelic voice, but fought demons in her personal life. The new documentary “Whitney” explores her talents[...]
81: Tim Wardle on “Three Identical Strangers”
Separated at birth, the triplets Bobby, Eddy and David discovered each other by accident at age 19 in 1980. They[...]
80: Jonathan Safran Foer & Christopher Quinn on “Eating Animals”
Relax, “Eating Animals” isn’t proselytizing for vegetarianism. But author Jonathan Safran Foer and filmmaker Christopher Quinn are asking you to[...]
79: Judd Apatow on Garry Shandling
Comedian Garry Shandling is remembered for creating two ground-breaking TV shows: “It’s Garry Shandling’s Show” and “The Larry Sanders Show.”[...]
78: Liz Garbus on The New York Times in “The Fourth Estate”
Oscar-nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus (“What Happened Miss Simone?”) follows The New York Times team of reporters and editors covering the[...]
77: Wim Wenders on Pope Francis
Buena Vista Social Club, Pina Bausch and Sebastiao Selgado are among Wim Wenders past documentary subjects. Now he profiles the[...]
76: Filming Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is profiled in the new documentary "RBG." Pure Nonfiction host Thom Powers interviews the[...]
75: Dawn Porter on “Bobby Kennedy for President”
“Bobby Kennedy for President” is a four-part Netflix series that traces the politician’s career with an emphasis on issues of[...]
74: Joe Berlinger from “Brother’s Keeper” to “Intent to Destroy”
Joe Berlinger has been making documentaries for over 25 years. He started out at Maysles Films where he met Bruce[...]
73: Sophie Fiennes on Grace Jones
Grace Jones has been commanding attention for decades as a singer, actress and icon. Now filmmaker Sophie Fiennes crafts a[...]
72: Jed Rothstein on “The China Hustle”
Could China be responsible for the next Wall Street crash? Filmmaker Jed Rothstein explores that question in “The China Hustle.”[...]
71: Amanda Micheli on “Vegas Baby” & IVF Treatment
In “Vegas Baby,” filmmaker Amanda Micheli follows several wannabe parents who enter a contest for free IVF treatment at a[...]
70: Mark Duplass, Chapman & Maclain Way on “Wild Wild Country”
Netflix’s new true crime series “Wild Wild Country” explores the 1980s case of the so-called sex guru Bhagwan Rajneesh whose[...]
PN 69: Remembering Chris Hondros
The documentary “Hondros” tells the story of war photographer Chris Hondros who was killed alongside Tim Hetherington in Libya in 2011.[...]
PN 68: Policing in “Flint Town”
Netflix’s new 8-part series “Flint Town”  follows the city’s police department as they cope with a depressed economy, high crime and[...]
PN 67: “Control Room” Revisited with Josh Rushing
Fifteen years ago as America prepared to make war on Iraq, filmmaker Jehane Noujaim embedded herself at the U.S. military’s[...]
PN 66: Attorney Gloria Allred on “Seeing Allred”
The lawsuit "Summer Zervos v. Donald Trump" is among the high profile cases handled by attorney Gloria Allred. The Netflix[...]
PN 65: Sam Pollard on Sammy Davis Jr, Spike Lee & St. Clair Bourne
Sam Pollard reflects on collaborating with Spike Lee, Henry Hampton and St. Claire Bourne; and on directing his latest film[...]
PN 64: First Person Documentary with Yance Ford, Bryan Fogel & Jeff Orlowski
Directors Yance Ford ("Strong Island”), Bryan Fogel (“Icarus”) and Jeff Orlowski ("Chasing Coral”) each put themselves on camera in different[...]
PN 63: Tabitha Jackson + 2018 Sundance Preview
The Sundance Film Festival is always a great place for documentary discoveries. This year features new films about Ruth Bader[...]
PN 62: Errol Morris, Brett Morgen & Ceyda Torun on Documentary Style
From “Wormwood” to “Jane” to “Kedi,” documentary directors are making bold stylistic choices. Pure Nonfiction host Thom Powers led a[...]

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